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Bathroom – Faster Hot Water

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Add the convenience of quick push-button hot water to your bathroom remodeling project!


By adding the Chilipepper bathroom appliance you will:Picture of a chilipepper appliance for bathrooms

  • save thousands of gallons of water
  • reduce the waiting time for your hot water
  • add the convenience of fast hot water to your life
  • save money
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions

At the touch of a button the Chilipepper appliance speeds hot water from your water heater to your bathroom fixtures without running any water down the drain. You get your hot water faster and you don’t waste any water while you wait.  If there is still hot water in the hot water piping from a previous use when you push the button, the Chilipepper will start up and run for one half second and then shut off, letting you know that the water in the hot water piping is still hot.

Aside from the fast hot water idea, here are things to think about…they may spawn some bathroom ideas!

  • Adequate ventilation to prevent mold and mildew problems
  • Using natural light through windows and skylights.
  • Replacing the shower or tub can be inexpensive
  • Custom tile work can liven up your bathroom
  • New sinks and cabinets can do wonders
  • Tankless water heater for endless hot water

More about the faster hot water idea

In many cases a Chilipepper can provide quick hot water to several or even all of the hot water fixtures in your home, not just the bathroom. It depends on how your home is plumbed.  If you have one main hot water line with short branching out to end use locations, or no branches, then one Chilipepper can service the entire house.


Every time you use the Chilipepper appliance you save water and in doing so you not only conserve a valuable natural resource, but you also reduce green house gasses since energy is needed to process and pump both the water and the resulting sewage, and generating electricity creates green house gases.  So does using a gas water heater.


The Chilipepper can be activated with a remote control system.  Simply hook the control cable from the Chilipepper to a UM506 x-10 remote receiver.  Now the Chilipepper can be started from anywhere in your home with a MC604 remote transmitter or one of the many other x-10 products including motion detectors and clock timers.


If you have a septic system the Chilipepper will reduce the load on your system. Thinking of adding a tankless water heater?  The Chilipepper works great with tankless water heaters too! Most tankless units require only a half gallon per minute of water flow to turn them on.  The Chilipepper typically pumps from two and a half to three gallons per minute thus it can easily turn on any tankless water heater.


The Chilipepper is inexpensive and easy to install.  The Chilipepper comes with all the tubing and fittings you need to connect it to your homes plumbing system.  You do need a 110 volt outlet to plug the Chilipepper into.  Most kitchen sinks already have a 110 volt outlet under the sink for plugging the dishwasher or the garbage disposal into.


Speaking of dishwashers… the most common cause of poor dishwasher performance is due to cold water filling the dishwasher on the first cycle instead of hot water.  By starting the Chilipepper just before you run your dishwasher you are assured of full temperature hot water for the first fill cycle.  Hot water does a much better job of dissolving the dishwashing soap than cold water does.


  • Stop waiting for your shower or sink to get hot water!
  • Stop running water down the drain every time you need hot water!
  • Add the convenience and value of fast push-button hot water
    to your kitchen or bathroom!
  • Save Time, Water, Energy and Money!
  • Inexpensive and easy to install!