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bathroom Shower – Instant Hot Water

/bathroom Shower – Instant Hot Water
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Get instant hot water for your bathroom shower and kitchen fixtures and appliances without running water down the drain.


Do you have to wait a long time for hot water to reach your bathroom shower and other fixtures?

The Chilipepper hot water appliance will speed your hot water to your bathroom shower faster – AND – it will save you thousands of gallons of water. No bathroom shower, should be without this amazing new product.

No plumbing required…installs with hoses under your bathroom or kitchen sink cabinets

The Chilipepper is a small but powerful pump that installs quickly right under your bathroom sink. By pressing a button the Chilipepper quickly pumps hot water from your water heater to your bathroom sink or shower without running any water down the drain!

The Chilipepper actually senses the temperature of the water and automatically turns the pump off when hot water arrives at the fixture. The  Chilipepper even signals you if the water is already hot.

The Chilipepper saves a typical family of four up to 10,000 gallons of water per year while using less than $2.00 per year in electricity! Home owners save time, water, energy and money.

Save money on water and sewage bills!

The reduction in water going down the bathroom shower drain results in lower sewage costs, and if you have a well or a septic system you will have less wear and tear on them. It will work with any kind of water heater, even tankless.

An optional remote control feature is available to activate the Chilipepper from any location within your home. Place the control next to your alarm clock and have hot water waiting for you by the time you reach the bathroom shower.

With an X-10 clock timer, the Chilipepper can be automatically turned on at a preset time each day. Home automation buffs can even program their computers to control the Chilipepper.

The Chilipepper has a low suggested retail price of only $179.99, and because it is so easy to install, it makes a great Do-it-yourself project.

Don’t waste any more water…install a green water conservation product in your kitchen or bath today for instant hot water and stop running water down the drain.