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Bathroom Showers or Technological Wonders

/Bathroom Showers or Technological Wonders
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Not the traditional bathroom shower, an environmental chamber where you can experience anything from a light tropical rain to the equivalent of an automated car wash.


Today’s high-end bathroom showers are truly amazing.

For those with smaller budgets there are a wide variety of bathroom accessories
available to enhance your bathroom.

If you haven’t checked into what’s available in the way of bathroom showers these days you will be surprised, at least I was.  My shower head sucks, and so I thought I would look for a new one online. Wow!  If you can imagine a shower head, or a system of multiple shower heads, they have them.

I was immersed in a world of spas, steam baths, body-sprays, and environmental chambers where you can experience anything from a light rain to the equivalent of an automated car wash.  I wonder if a person can drown in a shower.

More than just a shower – it’s a sensory experience.

I read about digitally controlled systems that take showering to a whole new level. They have music, control the ambient lighting, and provide chroma-therapy and steam to provide the bather with a “complete sensory experience”. These sensory experiences along with programmed control of multiple shower heads etc. are all easily controlled from the digital control panel.  They even have showers built for two… with separate controls and everything.

You might find you need a bigger water heater

One bathroom shower system I read about called for over twenty gallons per minute… hope you have a big water heater.  Kohler has some really cool stuff.  They have these body-spray shower tiles that fit where a standard sized tile would go virtually flush to the wall.  Each one has I think 22 or 58 nozzles… your choice.    You can line up a whole column of them if you want, and you can put them overhead as well. Then you can program them to hose you down in patterns.

Here is a quote from the Kohler site:

The ultimate in relaxation, the Unwind configuration features a state-of-the-art Rain showerhead in the ceiling, a Purist showerhead and three soothing WaterTile   body sprays.  Additionally, a Purist hand shower offers hydrotherapy that targets specific areas of the body. Installed behind the wall, a Fast-Response steam generator will help relax your mind and body. A Shower Locker eliminates clutter and offers coordinated style.

Now if you want to spend up to $7,000 or more for a bathroom shower, then these systems are something to consider. Most of us probably couldn’t afford the water and energy bills from such a shower.

Wide variety of accessories

For those of us who have smaller budgets there are still a wide variety of bathroom accessories available to enhance your bathroom. You can find fancy shower heads, hand-showers, shower seats, wall bars, and even shower bases with a heated floor and seat.

Tubs can be customized with spa jets, heaters, therapy jets, heated seats and backrests, and air systems. You can find heated toilet seats, towel warmers, Chromotherapy (programmable lighting schemes), digital FM radio, hardwood shower floors.

Some items to think about when picturing your great new bathroom shower;

How many people will be using the shower, and do any of them have special needs?

Do you have sufficient water pressure to power these appliances?

Is your water heater big enough?

There are a great many items, fixtures, and bathroom accessories that I haven’t even touched upon in this article, so do your research. There is enough about this subject on Google to keep you busy for days.

Picture of bathroom accessory for fast hot water to the shower

Chilipepper Bathroom Shower Appliance

Do you have to wait a long time for hot water to reach your bathroom shower?

The Chilipepper hot water pump speeds hot water to your fixtures from your water heater FASTwithout running any water down the drain.

  • The Chilipepper appliance is inexpensive and easy to install!
  • All plumbing connections are made with hoses.
  • At the touch of a button your hot water is pumped rapidly to your sink or shower.
  • Nothing gets run down the drain, saving you thousands of gallons of water per year!
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee!  If for any reason you are not satisfied, return your Chilipepper for a full refund!
  • Consumes less than $2.00 worth of electricity per year to operate.

The Chilipepper small appliance works with any kind of water heater including tankless water heaters. Because the Chilipepper pumps water at a rate of two and a half to three gallons per minute, it will turn on any model of tankless water heater.