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Control Pump With Dishwasher

/Control Pump With Dishwasher
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The Chilipepper can be used to supply hot water to the dishwasher through the entire cycle.

The capacitor, C, can be 1 to 10 uf (micro-farad) capacitor.  For the resistor use 10k ohms.

Connect the “-“side of the capacitor to the black terminal on the CP2011 and the “+” side to the red terminal.

The Chilipepper control signal is 5 volts at about 1 milliamp so any relay contact ratings will work fine.

The voltage rating of the capacitor should be 10 volts or higher.

Here is a schematic diagram of how to wire the relay, capacitor, and resistor.


With the Chilipepper wired to the relay as shown, every time the washer motor starts up the Chilipepper will be activated.  If the water temperature in the Chilipepper is below 96 degrees then the pump will run until hot water arrives and turn off.

If the water is over 96 degrees when the Chilipepper is activated then it will only run for about one half of a second.

Every time the dishwasher runs its motor, either for draining the water from the machine, or going through a wash or rinse cycle, the Chilipepper will attempt to run.  This will ensure that for all fill events the water will be from warm to hot.