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Control Your Chilipepper Hot Water On-Demand Pump With a Light Switch and the Wall Socket – Control Your Chilipepper with the 110 Volt Wall Outlet


If you want your Chilipepper to come on and deliver hot water when you supply power to it, like with a switched wall outlet controlled by a light switch, it’s easy to do.

Connect a 200 uf capacitor 12 volts or higher voltage rating to the control wires.

When the Chilipepper starts up the software program in the microcontroller chip initializes and then begins immediately to run the program.  The program first looks for a “button press”, and when it sees it begins looking for a “button release”.  Only when it sees that the button has been released does it begin pumping water.

You can still connect buttons and a remote receiver to it and they will work fine as long as the power is on to the Chilipepper. Remember though, if the power goes off for any reason when it comes back on the Chilipepper will start up and run through its cycle.

Customers that want to use a light switch to control the Chilipepper will have to leave the switch in the on position at least until the Chilipepper completes its cycle. It needs 110 volts to run on.  Leaving the switch in the on position is fine.  The next time the Chilipepper needs to be run simply turn the switch off and back on.

If the capacitor you use is polarized you will need to connect it to the Chilipepper with the correct polarity.  The capacitors are typically marked with the polarity showing a minus or plus sign or both next to the leads.

A volt meter is needed to determine which wires are + and – coming from the Chilipepper.  Connect the voltmeter to the two wires.  If the reading is + 5 volts then the red lead from the voltmeter is connected to the + wire. If the reading is -5 volts then the black lead is connected to the + wire.

That’s all there is to it.