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CP6000 Specifications

/CP6000 Specifications
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Complete specifications for the Chilipepper CP6000.


Chilipepper Technical Specifications & Dimensions:

Complete specifications for the Chilipepper CP6000.

Illustration of the CP6000 hot water system pump
Dimensions are in Inches
Top view of the Chilipepper hot water system pump - CP6000

Side view of the hot water heater pumping system pump


High RPM Universal Brush with ball bearings

Rating: 1/3  input horsepower intermittent duty

115 Volts AC 60 Hz

Typical current draw: (load dependent)  2.5 amps

Current draw on standby:   0.007 amps

Double Insulated

Thermally protected, automatic reset


Material: Glass filled Celcon GC-25

Centrifugal pump

Maximum working pressure:  125 Psi

Maximum working temperature   140 degrees Fahrenheit

Internal spring loaded check valve


Maximum run time: approx. 3 minutes

Externally adjustable shut off sensitivity

Lockout when water temperature in pump is over 96 degrees.

Control voltage to button: 5 volts  – 1 milliamp current flow under short circuit conditions.

Power cord length – 6 feet.  3 prong grounded plug.

Control cable length – 6 feet.

Envelope Dimensions:

Max height above mounting surface  3-7/8 inches.

Maximum Width: (outside of rubber foot mounts)  6 inches.

Length:  8-1/4 inches.

Transformer for 240 volt step down to 120 volts

Use a transformer with a rating of 500 VA or larger.