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CP2011 Specifications

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Complete specifications for the Chilipepper CP-2011, a green plumbing product that saves water.


Complete specifications for the Chilipepper CP-2011, a green plumbing product that saves water.

Chilipepper Hot Water Demand System for water conservation

Side view of the hot water pump for the hot water pumping system using a Chilipepper hot water pump

Dimensions are in Inches


High RPM Universal Brush with ball bearings

Rating: 1/3  input horsepower intermittent duty

110 Volts AC 60 Hz

Typical current draw: (load dependent)  2.5 amps

Current draw on standby:   0.007 amps

Double Insulated

Thermally protected, automatic reset


Material: Glass filled Celcon GC-25

Centrifugal pump

Maximum working pressure:  125 psi

Maximum working temperature   140 degrees Fahrenheit

Built-in spring-loaded check valve


Maximum run time: approx. 4 minutes

Externally adjustable shut off sensitivity

Lockout when water temperature in pump is over 96 degrees.

Control voltage to button: 5 volts  – 1 milliamp current flow under short circuit conditions.

Power cord length – 6 feet.  3 prong grounded plug.

Envelope Dimensions:

Max height  9.8 inches.

Maximum Width:  6.5  inches.

Length:  6.5  inches.



Calculating Power Consumption

The Chilipepper pump run time depends on the length, diameter, and ambient temperature of the hot water piping.  A run time of about 1 minute is fairly typical.

The pump draws about 2.5 amps at 110 volts.  Therefore the motor draws about 275 watts while running.  That is the same as 0.275 Kilowatts.

Assuming a run time of 1 minute per use the Kilowatt hours used is the kilowatts drawn by the motor multiplied by the run time.

1 minute = 0.0166 hours.

(kilowatts) X (hours) = Kilowatt hours = kwh

(0.275)kw X (0.0166)hours = .0046 kwh per use.

Hot water uses are usually clustered together like in the morning for tooth brushing, showering, etc, then again at meal preparation time, and in the evening before bedtime.  Typically the Chilipepper is used at the start of each cluster of uses.

A normal household could therefore expect to run the Chilipepper 3 to 5 times per day.

For a home that used the Chilipepper an average of 5 times a day 365 days a year, with a 1 minute run time, the total pump run time per year would be:

(5 times/day) X 365 days/year X (.0046kwh/use) = 8.4 kwh per year.

At about 13 cents per kwh the total cost of energy for running the pump would be about $2.51 per year.