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Creative Bathroom Tiling Ideas

/Creative Bathroom Tiling Ideas
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If you are looking for bathroom tiling ideas it’s not hard to quickly become overwhelmed due to the huge selection of tile and decorative tile designs available.

A wide variety of bathroom tile is available to support your most creative ideas

While contemporary styles like the harlequin design, natural stone and marble tile designs are always desirable, it is the colorful bathroom tile designs that are often more affordable and as a result, fast becoming popular themselves.

The harlequin pattern is a true classic which is basically, a bathroom tiling design that boasts the harlequin motif which is arranged as diamonds rather than squares. If you can’t picture the harlequin bathroom tiles, picture black and white squares turned on their side to resemble a diamond.

The tiles tend to be a little longer and the pattern resembles a jesters costume in a way, although you can opt for this classic design in just about any combination of colors from earthy tones to bright reds.


Tile your bathroom with a traditional harlequin design, add shiny new fixtures and you’ll have a beautiful shiny clean looking bathroom that will look like it cost a lot more than it does.  Using chrome and other polished metal fixings looks great initially, but they mark easily and don’t look so good when they are dirty. It’s something to consider when you have young children that enjoy making patterns and marks with their hands on your tile and fixtures.  Tile chips too. Cleaning tile can be a daunting task as well.


If you do not prefer something flamboyant, you can go for simple and elegant bathroom tile designs. If your budget is tight, you could use ceramic tiles which are cheaper and also are durable. There are also a huge variety of mosaic bathroom tile designs choose from. Challenge those creative ideas of yours.

Be creative with your bathroom tiling ideas

You can get creative with your tile design and convert your bathroom to a giant aquarium, or perhaps an oriental rock garden?  Maybe a forest theme, or just about anything you can imagine, just get creative.


How about tiling the floor? There are tiles for floors ranging from smooth, through grainy and even anti-skid tiles.  A well designed tile floor can catch your guests attention like nothing else!


There are plenty of other ideas to choose from, such as natural stone. Natural stone is very good at soaking up water marks. If money isn’t a concern there is always Italian marble as for your bathroom tile design. This can also be used for surrounds in addition to the wall and floor plus comes in a range of beautiful finishes.

Bathroom counter materials

The material used for bathroom counters can completely change the appearance of  your bathroom. There are a great many varieties of bathroom counters to choose from. It all really depends on what kind of feel you have set your sights on. If you want a raw look, you could have a pre-cast building material made from concrete. There are also bathroom counter materials that use hardened mortar bonded with tile, crushed and many other types of unique materials you will find with a little research.


Tiling a bathroom isn’t overly complicated; however it is not really a job for an inexperienced beginner.  Cutting and installing tile requires special tools and a lot of practice.  It’s really a job for a professional.

Get Faster Hot Water!

The Chilipepper is a bathroom accessory idea that really does something for you!

Add the convenience of quick push-button hot water to your bathroom and save thousands of gallons of water, reduce the waiting time for your hot water, and add convenience to your life.


The Chilipepper bathroom accessory speeds hot water from your water heater to your bathroom fixtures without running water down the drain.  At the touch of a button the Chilipepper begins pumping your hot water from your water heater through your hot water pipes to your fixtures returning the cooled off hot water left in the pipes from the last usage back to the inlet of the water heater.


When the hot water arrives at the sink an internal temperature sensor detects the hot water and automatically shuts the pump off.  If the water in the hot water pipes is still hot from a previous use, the Chilipepper will turn on and run for one half second and then shut off, letting you know that the water in the pipes is still hot.


You get your hot water faster and you don’t waste any water.

Wow! You save time, you save water, AND you get to feel GOOD about conserving one our most precious resources!


Whoever heard of a water saving device that actually adds convenience, instead of being inconvenient like low flow shower heads and 1.5 gallon flush toilets?