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Easy Green Home Improvement Project

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Get your hot water faster!

The Chilipepper has a very powerful motor for its size.  The Chilipepper pumps water at about 3 gallons per minute in a typical residential setting.

Many fixtures are now low flow meaning they restrict flow to as little as 3/4 gallons per minute.  Thus in many cases the Chilipepper can cut the time it takes to get hot water to 1/3 to 1/2 the wait.

Save Water!

Since no water gets run down the drain while you wait for hot water, you save significant amounts of water every time you use the Chilipepper.

More about saving water

Save energy!

If you leave your hot water fixture running and go do something else while you wait for it, and you come back to find it is hot, then any hot water you’ve run down the drain was wasting energy!  And the energy to heat the water is far more expensive than the water itself.

Improve the performance of your dishwasher!

The number one cause of poor dishwasher performance is water that is not hot enough on the first cycle.  By using the Chilipepper before you start your dishwasher you will get full temperature hot water to your dishwasher on the first cycle…and hot water is much better at dissolving detergent and cleaning dishes than cold water. This simple easy to install home improvement product will get your dishwasher full temperature water right off the bat, resulting in cleaner dishes.

Remote control – more convenience

Remote operation of the Chilipepper provides even greater convenience. Place the remote transmitter next to your bed. When your alarm goes off, hit the start button and by the time you get to the bathroom the hot water will already be there!

It’s as easy as plugging in a lamp. Just plug the Receiver into an outlet near the Chilipepper, and connect the control cable to them.  Now plug the wireless remote button into any convenient 110 volt outlet. You’re ready to go. Just push the button.

If the Chilipepper is providing hot water to more than one location, the wireless remote is the ideal way to operate the Chilipepper from various locations.  Just plug a wireless remote button into a convenient outlet.