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Eliminate Slow Hot Water

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top running water down the drain at your bathroom sinks! Get your hot water Faster for your kitchen, bath and shower! Save time, water, money and make your plumbing green!


Bathroom sinks take too long for hot water because of slow hot water?

Are you tired of standing at the bathroom sinks waiting for your hot water?

Are you running water down the drain while you wait?

The Chilipepper appliance is not a water heater, it’s a small pump that speeds water from your water heater to your fixtures without running water down the drain!

The Chilipepper is inexpensive, easy to install, and saves thousands of gallons of water.

With this wonderful new appliance you will save time, water, and add convenience to your life.

Every time you use hot water you will feel GOOD about conserving one our most precious resources! (and saving money too!)

In many cases a single Chilipepper will deliver hot water to all of your hot water fixtures, showers and tubs.

Make your plumbing system green

When you reduce your water consumption you reduce the amount of energy needed for treating and pumping the water.  You also reduce the amount of sewage you generate.

This in turn reduces the amount of energy needed to pump and process the sewage.  This reduction in energy means a reduction in green house gasses that  are released during the generation of the energy.

Improve the performance of your kitchens dishwasher by eliminating slow hot water

The single most important factor in getting good results from your dishwasher is HOT WATER!!

The water must be at least 130o  for your dishwasher  to work effectively. This is documented by the major manufacturers of dishwasher detergents, such as Proctor & Gamble.


If the water in the dishwasher isn’t hot enough, it won’t completely dissolve the dishwashing detergent. Slow hot water and a long pipe run will mean little if any hot water makes it to the dishwasher for the first load.


Install a Chilipepper appliance in your kitchen, and just before you start your dishwasher push the start button for the Chilipepper.  It will speed hot water to the dishwasher improving  your dishwasher’s performance.

Have a septic system?  By reducing your water consumption you reduce the amount of sewage your septic system must handle, increasing the life of your septic system.

In many areas your sewage bill is determined by how much water you use, so cutting down on your water usage reduces your sewage bill.

Do you do something else while you wait for your slow hot water?  Then, when you check the water, is hot?  This means you are wasting energy…the energy to heat water is far more expensive than the water itself, and you’ve been running hot water down the drain.

  • Stop running water down the drain every time you need hot water!
  • Add the convenience and value of fast push-button hot water!
  • Feel good about conserving our natural resources. (OK….feel good about the time and money your are saving too.)
  • Save Time, Water, Energy and Money; get rid of slow hot water forever!
  • Inexpensive and easy to install!