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Go Green – Save Water and Money

/Go Green – Save Water and Money
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Using inexpensive products for saving water and money is easy and painless with a demand type hot water system. It may also solve any slow hot water problems you have as a result of low flow fixtures.

When you install a hot water demand system you will actually feel good every time you use your hot water.

What is a hot water demand system, how is it green, and how does it save water?

A hot water demand system is a green plumbing product that pumps the hot water from your water heater to your
fixtures more quickly than if you just turned on the faucet full blast.  The cooled off hot water residing in the hot water
pipes from the last time hot water was used is returned to the water heater through the cold water piping.
When you want hot water you push a button, and the pump starts pumping. When the hot water reaches the fixture
the pump shuts off, and you now have instant hot water without running any water down the drain.
The pump is typically located under the fixture furthest from the water heater. More about how it works


What are the green benefits from a demand system?

By reducing the amount of water you use, you reduce the energy required to process and pump both the
clean water going into your home and the sewage leaving your home.  Reduced water usage and reduced
sewage fees, which are usually calculated based on the amount of water you use, result in money saved.
Reducing the pumping and treatment energy for water and sewage results in reduced green house gas
emissions from producing and using that energy. A reduction in energy usage also reduces our reliance on
foreign oil.
If you have a septic system you will reduce the load on the leach field.
Dishwashers get your dishes cleaner when they get hot water right off the bat. The number one reason for
customer complaints to dishwasher manufacturer’s is the result of the water not being hot enough to
completely dissolve the detergent. A green plumbing product that helps you clean your dishes.


How much water could be saved?

If each of the 50 million single family homes in America saved 10,000 gallons of water each year, a conservative
estimate, then all 50 million homes would save 500,000,000,000 gallons of water per year!   Five hundred billion gallons
of water per year!
If you add in the apartments, condos, multi-family dwellings, and commercial applications that number can grow to
be quite large.


Tankless water heaters need hot water pumps

Tankless water heaters take longer to deliver your hot water to your fixtures.  The longer wait means more wasted
water down the drain and more frustration on your part over the slow hot water.
The Chilipepper turns a water wasting tankless water heater into a green plumbing product…saves energy and it
saves water. It’s a way to go green that adds convenience to your day as well.
More about tankless water heaters


Stop the waste! Go Green! Install a demand system!

Go green and save water with a green plumbing product, the Chilipepper CP6000 hot water demand system, and help
the environment, and reduce the risk of global warming.
Oh yes…and add the convenience of fast hot water so you can quit standing there waiting for the water to get hot so you can jump in the shower.