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Current Model: CP9000

/Current Model: CP9000
Current Model: CP9000 2018-08-12T12:00:52+00:00

Made in the USA with Exceptional-Quality materials. Assembled and Tested with Pride by our own Chilipepper Staff!

The Highest Quality Chilipepper Ever!Chilipepper Model CP9000

The CP9000 comes loaded with new features!

  • Integrated Moisture Detection System – sounds an alarm if anything gets wet
  • Notification Sounds – to help diagnose the Chilipepper
  • Remote Activation System – no more push-buttons to install

The Chilipepper Model CP9000 is Better than Ever!


The CP9000 is able to pump up to 3GPM! The new Altem resin impeller, pump-head and seal retainer make the unit very durable – even when the pump is accidentally run without water! Semi-transparent Altem resin allows you to actually see the water flowing through the pump. Improved balancing of the motor helps the pump operate more smoothly and quietly than before. The included foam container and lid help further reduce the operating sound of the pump.


Wireless Remote Activation


The new wireless remote operation system is built-in to the CP9000, so it does not require any additional setup. The included keyfob is ready to use as soon as the Chilipepper is installed. Keyfob colors and styles may vary and are available in 2 different codes for homes requiring more than one Chilipepper. Additional remote keyfobs can be purchased to allow activation of the Chilipepper from multiple locations.