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There are more kitchen accessories on the market than you can count. You only really need a few basic tools especially if you have a small kitchen.

What Are Kitchen Accessories?

Kitchen accessories are all the things that make it easier to prepare your food, store it, serve it, and clean up after.  Many types of kitchen accessories are important to your food preparation but of course, you don’t need them all. If you have a small kitchen, a whole bunch of accessories will make the room seem smaller and cluttered.

Try not to clutter up your cooking areas and counter tops with too many kitchen gadgets and gizmos… you probably won’t use many of them and they just get in the way.  Clutter not only makes it more difficult to prepare you food, but it adds to the chance of food contamination as well.

If you’re in the habit of watching those TV cooking shows, you might think you need all those wonderful gadgets and accessories, but you don’t.

Now obviously every kitchen needs the pots, pans, bowls, cookie sheets, baking dishes, dinnerware, flatware, and assorted knives forks and spoons. We can safely assume that you have a stove with an oven and that you have a sink.  That pretty much leaves everything else that’s not bolted down as an accessory, so on with the kitchen accessories.

Can opener.

Although many cans today have pull tops, there are still cans that need a can opener. It doesn’t have to be electric, but there are a lot of options today for the lowly can opener. You can still get the old manual ones with a twist handle, but unless you are pretty low on room, and electric opener is certainly easier.  There are rechargeable, hand held models that you can use with one hand, and small enough to stash in a small drawer.


It could be a toaster oven, a huge 4 slice toaster, or just the ordinary old 2 slice toaster, but most kitchens definitely need a toaster of some sort.  There are toasters in bright colors, toasters that warm the outside of your bagel and toast the sliced side, and there are even toasters with dual controls so you can  toast to different degrees at the same time.  I even saw a toaster the other day that cost over $250.00!

Cutting board.

Unless you want to ruin your counters and your cutlery you need a cutting board.  You can find cutting boards made from different materials such as wood, plastic, bamboo, etc. It would seem logical that the plastic cutting boards would be better as far as germs go, but studies have shown that wood cutting boards are actually easier to keep germ free. I tried a bamboo board once, but the smell of bamboo was overpowering and I chucked it.  It’s nice to have a large cutting board, sometimes you have to carve a large roast or a turkey.  I like the boards that have a grove cut near the edge all the way around so the juices can drain off of the cutting surface.

Coffee Pot

Ok, not everyone drinks coffee, but even so there will probably be times that you will want to serve coffee to guests.  Coffee pots vary greatly from the old fashioned percolator to the now highly popular drip coffee makers.  They have built in timers, clocks, and turn off automatically after a pre-determined time. Some people like a French coffee press. You just pour boiling water in, measure in the coffee, press the plunger, and let it steep to your taste. Easy to clean too. Take your pick.

Cheese grater

What kitchen could do without a cheese grater?  Cheese graters can be used for a lot more than just grating cheese. Make hash browns, zest fruit, grate garlic, slice cheese and more.  Cheese graters come in many styles from the old familiar box or pyramid grater to rechargeable hand held battery operated graters.  You can even get grating blades for your food processor.

Well there it is… your basic minimum of kitchen accessories. We haven’t even scratched the surface so-to-speak.  It would take pages just to list the stuff you can cram into your kitchen, which you would probably seldom if ever use.