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Noritz Tankless Water Heaters with Pump

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Noritz has residential tankless gas (NG & LP) water heaters for 1 – 5 showers. Noritz heaters are also linkable (via Quick-Connect or Multi-System) up to 24 units for those big jobs.


Noritz energy efficient tankless hot water heaters can cut your current water heating costs by up to half and reduce wasted energy spent on heating with a traditional tank water heater and it’s inherent standby losses. Noritz tankless gas hot water heaters are designed to ensure that all of your hot water needs are met efficiently.

Noritz does not manufacture electric water heaters.

As good as these water heaters are, they can be made to work better by utilizing a Chilipepper CP6000 hot water demand pump. It’s like adding a supercharger to your water heater!

 Demand Hot Water Pumps

Tankless hot water heaters need more time for the hot water to reach the fixture than with storage heaters.  In order to heat the water to full temperature, the water must pass through the heat exchanger in the heater which takes up to 20 seconds in some situations.

As long as you’ve decided to go with a Noritz tankless water heater, for energy efficiency or unlimited hot water, you should maximize the convenience factor for yourself, and make your hot water system “water efficient”  and ” green” as well as energy efficient.

Saving Water

A Chilipepper will save you thousands of gallons of water every year that would have been run down the drain, and you get the convenience of fast hot water.

With the push of a button the pump speeds hot water from your heater to your fixtures without running water down the drain. The cooled off hot water in the pipes from the last use is returned to the water heater through the cold water pipes.

When hot water arrives at the fixtures the pump turns off. You now have instant hot water at the fixture when you open the faucet, and all without running any water down the drain.

Turn your hot water heater green

The Chilipepper hot water demand pump is powerful enough to work with any tankless water heater made. To compare some popular tankless water heater specifications you can visit this page: Noritz Bosch, Takagi, and Rinnai, compared  You can find the turn on flow rates for the heaters there.

By using a Chilipepper with your Noritz water heater, you will maximize both your energy savings and your water savings making your hot water plumbing system green. By saving water you are eliminating the energy consumed when that water is treated, pumped, and treated again after going down the drain. Energy that would have meant more green house gasses released into the atmosphere.

Super charge your Noritz tankless water heater with a Chilipepper demand pump and reduce your carbon footprint, save water, save energy, and help save the planet from global warming!