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Quick Easy Do It Yourself

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With this easy do-it-yourself project you install a hot water demand pump that gets you fast hot water without running any down the drain.

The Chilipepper was designed for very easy installation so that you would not need to call a plumber, great for a green do it yourself project.

If you have an outlet under your sink all you need to do is hook up four hoses with a couple of T fittings, and either use a doorbell type button, and/or wire the control wires to a remote control receiver.

Speed up your hot water, save time, save water, save energy, and save money!

Every time you use your hot water you will  feel good because you are conserving one of our most valuable natural resources!

By using a Chilipepper appliance you reduce green house gases! Delivering water to your fixtures requires quite a bit of energy.  Energy used to pump and treat the water. Generating that energy causes green house gases to be released into the atmosphere. By reducing your water usage you are helping reduce global warming.

You run less water through the sewage plant or through your septic system.

Water heater problem? Here is some useful information about water heaters and hot water circulating systems.

You will find trouble shooting guides, and information about heat pump water heaters, and tankless water heaters. The Chilipepper works with all types of water heaters including tankless water heaters, boilers, propane, and heat pump type water heaters. Installing a tankless water heater?