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Have you ever wished you had quick hot water while you run precious water down the drain waiting for hot water to reach the fixture?


A low-cost solution brings you quick hot water and saves you water and money!

Are you living with one of those residential plumbing layouts that requires you spend a minute or two waiting for hot water to reach you because your master bathroom is 100 feet of pipe from the water heater out in the garage.


Making maters worse, to conserve water you’ve installed water conservation products including low-flow fixtures and shower heads. Low flows mean long waits if you are trying to get hot water from one end of a pipe to another.

Save Water with a Hot Water Conservation Product, a Demand Hot Water System!

The Chilipepper hot water pump sends hot water rapidly through your pipes to the fixture without running water down the drain. The cooled off hot water in the hot water pipes is sent back to the inlet of the water heater through the cold water pipes.


When hot water reaches the hot water pump the pump shuts off preventing hot water from filling the cold water line. When you turn on the fixture you have nearly instant hot water without running any down the drain.

Save Money & Go Green

Water costs money. If you live in an urban area most likely your sewer costs money, and is included in the price of your water. If you have your own well, it costs money to run the pump. If you turn on your hot water and do something else while it runs to get hot, and you come back to hot water, you are spending a lot of money on heating the water.


Heating water costs more than the water itself…much more. With the demand system you eliminate this loss, reduce the amount of water you pump or pay for, and if you have a septic system you reduce the load on the leach field.


For a typical household a hot water demand system consumes less than $1.00 in electricity per year. This makes demand systems very green water conservation products.

Tankless water heaters need a hot water demand system!

Tankless water heaters take typically 10 to 20 seconds longer to provide you with hot water than a tank type storage water heater does. This is because the incoming cold water must pass completely through the heater to reach full temperature, which takes time.


Typical hot water circulating systems won’t usually work with tankless water heaters. They simply don’t pump a high enough flow rate to cause the water heater’s flow switch to turn on the heat. If they are big enough to do the job, then be careful because most tankless water heaters are not compatible with hot water circulating systems and it will void the warranty if you use one.


This is not true for demand type hot water pumps. The demand hot water pump does not re-circulate the hot water…it just gets it to the fixture quickly and shuts off. They will not affect the warranty of the water heater and they will get your hot water to the fixture more quickly and save you all that water.

Helping the environment

Pumping and treating potable water for residential use, and treating and pumping sewage both require the consumption of energy. Consuming energy releases green house gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.  Reducing the amount of water and sewage reduces the amount of pollutants released into the air.

Be green and install a hot water demand system in your home today!