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Recall Notice

On October 30, 2012, the following newsletter was sent via email to customers who had purchased the CP2011 model pump.

Chilipepper Sales, Inc. – Newsletter

Attention Valued Chilipepper Customers:

Our continual product testing has revealed a potential defect in the new Chilipepper model CP2011. It is not a widespread issue but we want to avoid any possible problems. As we greatly value our customers, we want to make you aware of this potential defect and request that you examine your unit.

Please check the top white portion of your CP2011 unit for any signs of stress fracturing around the ribs. *It is best to use a high powered flashlight when conducting this examination as the small fracture lines can be hard to see. Following is a photo of what stress fracturing can look like.

More Information:

A new pump head was developed and the following second notice about replacing the defective part was sent via email to all customers on record.

February 14, 2013

Dear Valued Chilipepper Customers:

A while back we alerted you to a possible defect in the new CP2011 model units. Since then, we have designed and manufactured a new pump head to replace the one that is subject to defect. We have now received the new part and would like to send it to you for replacement.

I have attached the instructions on replacing the part, for your consideration. As you will see, it is a relatively straight forward procedure that most customers will not find difficult to do themselves. However, if you prefer, we can arrange to have you return your unit to us and we will install the new part and mail it back to you.

We urge you to get the pump head replaced, by whichever means you prefer. We do not have enough data to support any conclusions as to when the stress fractures can occur, so in the interest of safety it is important that this part be replaced.

Please contact me at and let me know your preference as to whether I can send you the part, or if you will be returning your unit for us to replace the part.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Installing the New Pump Head

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1-pump head, 1-oring and 3 extra screws

1. Disconnect the water lines and remove the pump

2. Remove the connector for the sensor at the base of the Chilipepper being careful to not pull on the wires.

3. Remove the brass fitting.

4. Remove the spring check valve from the pump head.

5. Remove the 6 screws from the pump head. WITH A HAND SCREW DRIVER.

6. Put the new pump head and o-ring in place, which will only fit one way.

7. Replace the 6 screws and tighten


8. Replace the spring check valve, the brass fitting, connect the sensor and re-connect to the water lines.

9. Check for leaks around the new pump head.

It’s important to use a hand screw driver because the high speed drivers can strip or heat the plastic resin.

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