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Returning your Chilipepper for Warranty Service or Replacement

In the event you need to return your Chilipepper to us, here is what you need to do – and some tips to help make the process easier…

Please get in contact with us prior to sending your unit in. Most of the time we can resolve the problem with troubleshooting. Contacting us via email is usually the best because the phone hours are limited and lines get very busy. You can send your message to

Please drain the water out of the pump by tipping it upside down for a few minutes prior to packaging for shipment.

Please DO NOT include buttons, T-fittings, hoses, etc.  Return only the Chilipepper pump and the brass fitting with white sensor cable.

Please DO NOT return the Black or Foam boxes.

*If you do include extra parts you might not get them back.

TIP: You can stuff a plastic bag into a 1/2″ pipe nipple, turn off the shut-off valves to the faucets, disconnect the two hoses from the fittings on the Chilipepper pump, and connect them to the ends of the 1/” pipe nipple.  The plastic bag will prevent the hot and cold water from mixing. Alternately, you could connect the Chilipepper hoses to two capped 1/2″ pipe nipples.

TIP: The USPS Rate A box seems to be the least expensive way to ship models CP8000 and CP2011. The CP6000 fits perfectly into the Medium Flat Rate box. Both boxes are available for Free from the U.S. Postal Service.

Returning the Chilipepper Pump

1. Print out the RMA document, and fill it out.

2. Mail the Chilipepper along with the RMA document to:

Chilipepper Sales
1410 Greg Street, Suite 408
Sparks, Nevada  89431