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June 07, 2012

The Message:

I’ve been using Chilipepper for three years now. After 6 months the pump
motor started making noise. Chilipepper support repaired the unit
promptly with no questions asked and it’s worked flawlessly ever since.

We’re on a septic tank, with the master bath at the opposite end of the
house from the water heater. The kitchen and laundry room are in line
before the bath. Chilipepper in the bathroom brings hot water to all
three, saving gallons and interminable waits for every use.

I’ve installed push buttons in the kitchen and bathroom, so it’s easy to get
hot water wherever it’s needed without extra steps to push the button.
Chilipepper is without doubt a great time and money saver. In three years
it’s probably saved me three times it’s cost in water usage, and will save
even more by delaying a septic pump-out by years.

F. St. John


From: From: B K

The Message:

This thing is unbelievable!
Just wanted to let you know I ordered one of these and I am VERY
impressed. We have a tankless water heater and typically we would have to
wait 1-2 minutes before we got any hot water. We always talked about how
of a waste that was. I installed the Chilipepper under the kitchen sink
(the furthest water outlet from the water heater) and setup the button
there, along with remotes at both bathrooms, and a remote next to the
night stand. We hit any button and in about 30 seconds the first thing
that comes out of the hot faucet is piping hot water. This should be in
everyone’s house. I am telling everyone I know about it.
Thank you for a great product!

B. K.
Encino, CA

From: J. A.

The Message:

The Chili Pepper water heater is a wonderful product! I do not have to
wait several minutes to get hot water to the kitchen sink or the shower.
It is so easy to operate, just a button to push and in less than a minute
the water is hot!
Every morning I say THANK YOU Chili Pepper for your fast delivery. The
installation is also very simple and does not take up much space.

I recommend system this to anyone.

Thank you very much.

I have been using 2 Chili Peppers for well over 5 years. I wrote a
testimonial back then which was published on your website and offer this
update to say that I have not had a single problem with either unit. I
can only speculate how much water I have saved, but as an example, one
faucet would waste 3/4 gallon of water before the water became hot, and
the other faucet 1 full gallon. My Chili Peppers have provided 100%
reliable service and are among the most beneficial home improvements I
have made.

John Pratt

“hello there Chilipepper,
just wanted to report back to you about our CP6000. we have been using it
for about 6 months, and couldn’t be more satisfied with it. our monthly
water usage has dropped an average of 800 gallons. that’s 20%! a big
deal considering what liquid gold costs around here. we, also, feel we
are squarely in the middle of the green movement. keep up the great work,

your supporter, Jay Kurtz.

Hi Dennis,

I wanted to let you know about our purchase.  We received the unit last June and I installed it in July.  Very straight forward on the installation instructions.  I had previously put in an electrical outlet, so it took maybe 40 minutes to complete.  I also wired another push button in our kitchen with doorbell wire and a doorbell.  We were using a tank
gas water heater until the end of November.  We converted to a tankless water heater and the Model 6000 hasn’t missed a beat.  It takes a few seconds longer with the tankless, but it still does it’s job.  I have been telling family and friends where they can
find you on the Internet.  We are very pleased with our Chilipepper.

Thank you,
Bart Koonce

Our Chilipepper delivers as advertised! Installation was simple. The
instructions were concise and easy to follow. It is quiet when running and
apparently very efficient. In the past, we would “bleed” 3 gallons of
water into a bucket (which we would later recycle) before it would get
hot. Now we can kick the bucket out the bathroom!
Thanks for your help.

Joe Cotten

From: James Rice

The Message:

I received my Chilipepper last week and installed it over the weekend.
Your staff expressed some concern because my plan was to install behind a
wall directly to the shower in the master bath.

The PEX plumbing in my home admittedly simplified the installation, but
even if I’d have had to solder copper pipe, there would not have been any
issues. The installation was simple and straightforward.

This morning was the acid test. In the past, on cold Colorado mornings,
you never really got a hot shower. A 15 minute shower resulted in, at
best, a luke warm dousing of water. This morning we hit the button and
the pump ran for about 25 seconds. We turned on the shower and in 5
seconds we had warm water, in 7 seconds hot water. For the first time I
can remember I actually had to back the control knob off. The water was
too hot to stand under.

Thanks for a great product. It sure gets the job done.

Very Respectfully,

Jim Rice

January 25, 2009

We are a general contracting firm in western North Carolina.  Our specialty is “green” building, high efficiency construction, and alternative energy integration. 

The problem we faced with cold water run out in hot water lines was one that we had a difficult time trying to fix.    Essentially, timers were inefficient since we needed an on demand answer with random hours of use.  In summer homes we might only need the assist on weekends or for only a week or two each month.  Our solution needed to work with everything from remote wood boilers to tankless water heaters. 

On renovations, plumbing for return lines was not practical plus integrating pumps and remote switches with controls was daunting.    We looked at more than a dozen solutions and finally discovered the Chilipepper.  I installed it in my own home to test it and it has worked flawlessly for over six months.The unit clears 70′ of cold water in less than a minute while not wasting a drop.  Prior to its installation we ran six to seven minutes of water down the drain until we had hot water. 

Our home is off-grid and water is pumped into a reservoir and is gravity fed to the house.  Needless to say, we cannot waste a drop.    This system is easy to install, requires no maintenance, and should be mandatory in all new construction.  It will be for our clients. 

It is the only system we found that could resolve every issue that faced us.  Although this product has a funny name, it is a great performer.    

Gerry Tygielski
ASDC Consulting
 Alternative Systems, Design, & Construction
P. O. Box 1776
Jefferson, NC 28640-1776

To Prospect buyer of Chilipepper

We purchased our unit this late fall, it was easy to attach (purchased the four stainless steel flex pipes for less then $8.00) and in ten minutes with two wrenches, it was installed. Our water heater is 55 feet of copper pipe to the bathroom. Every morning we would get up and turn on both facets and the shower so to get hot water to bath with. This took about 55 seconds and about 3-4 gallons of water down the drain into the septic tank. As our Lady septic cleaner told me, that is also 3-4 gallons that goes out into your drain field. Or about 4,300 gallons of water we waste each year. We have a well, but if you are city folk, you are paying for that wasted water.

With the Chilipepper connected, we just hit the little red button, get out the toothpaste and other bathroom items and wait for the pump to turn off, We then have
Hot water. This unit is the only one on the market that allows you to set the temperature from cool to as hot as your water heater is set. It is also the only unit on the market that does not have a timer. So anytime you walk into the bathroom and hit the button, you have hot water.

There are three or four other units I looked at, all had timers, that run for the time you set it, so you are wasting electricity and circulating hot water you are not using.

The warranty is the other factor, the other brands only give you 1 year. Chilipepper gives you two. Check out the site. You will be happy you bought one.
Any questions, call me at home 906 644 2212. Now if I could just get them to build an efficient windmill to power my home, I would be happy.

Rex & Judy Slingsby, Thompson, MI 49854 “In DA UP of MI”

Dear Sirs,

I purchased the Chilipepper several months ago after researching the physics and looking at your competitors products. As an electronics engineer I fully understood how it was supposed to work. I was still amazed at how well and how quickly it worked. My 16 year old daughter used to run the shower water upstairs for 5 to 10 minutes to get it hot. The Chilipepper works in less than 30 seconds. My congratulations on a fine product.

I had designed a battery powered two hour timer to continually cause the Chilipepper to activate, but after seeing it in action I just installed a surface mount doorbell button instead.

Alan Cross-Hansen

It was a snap for my female partner to install (once we figured out the precise tightening tension on the connectors … that part of the instructions could use a little work).   One Chilipepper unit on the kitchen sink, the farthest point from the Water Heater, has done a great job of heating the water for the remotest shower, too.  We’re delighted with the results. 


Note from Chilipepper Staff:  We have fixed the instructions,  🙂 

1996: We were in a design center choosing the options for our retirement home. One of the line-items read: “P79 Add recirculating pump w/timer at hot water heater�. $1,275”. We hadn’t experienced problems with hot-water-readiness. 

Homes of 2100 square feet seemed relatively small so why pay a big price tag unnecessarily?

Now, fast forward. 2003 We had suffered years of frustration and guilt running and wasting water at master bath fixtures waiting for a tepid flow. 

The developer was making good on a plumbing problem in the house. We took the opportunity to inquire about retrofitting a recirculating system. The estimate was $1,300 and we would have to pay to restore wall damage. I asked about energy loss in the system. There was silence and then a grunt of some kind. 

That led to the search ending with the energy-efficient Chilipepper. It was about 13% of the plumping costs and do-it-yourself friendly. We installed it using the instructions in the kit and a phone call. 

The phone call was necessitated by a question of faith and the need for encouraging words. I doubt it would take a half an hour of a plumber’s time. 

Don May Tucson, Az 

 Wow … I used to get out of bed, turn on the Hot water, and skip back to bed to read another page of my book while I waited for the hot water to arrive.

Now  I just push the remote control button on my nightstand and then get up the moment the pump turns off… Hot Water is there!

Thanks Chilipepper Appliance Guys 🙂

K. L. Gott, Lake Oswego, Oregon

I received the Chilipepper and began installing it the same day. The instructions were very detailed and complete. The initial installation took about one and a half hours. My only difficult task was providing 110 volt power under the sink. That took an added two hours. I have a ranch house and I have been running water for about two minutes to get hot water. That is about 10 gallons. The Chilipepper gets warm water in about 40 seconds with no waste of water. I have numerous neighbors who have seen the device and have the same problem. Many of these folks are ready for installation. We are in the middle of a drought and our water rates have been rising so it is on every ones mind.

chuck crider

Dear Sirs,

I want to thank you for replacing our Chilipepper, it’s installed and
working wonderfully.

I want express my appreciation for how effective and energy efficient
the Chilipepper is for us. We live in a rural area where water is
scarce and energy is expensive.  We are dependent on a well which has
become less productive in recent years, however your Chilipepper
system has been our salvation.  Over the past year we have saved
literally hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water, which otherwise
would have gone down the drain, waiting for hot water to get to the
kitchen and shower.  Not only is the Chilipepper energy efficient and
a water saver your prompt and effective technical support makes your
product unbeatable.

Thanks, Dodd and Mary Thorpe

I ordered the Chilipepper and love it. We have an older house and it takes
forever to get hot water to the faucets.

Bill Dalton
Belevue, WA

It works great! I installed it under my Master bathroom sink which is
furthest from the hot water heater (about 80ft) and it works great! It
runs for about 20 seconds and then shuts off. When I open the tap, HOT
WATER! I had my doubts because I have not seen anyone else selling a
similar product and I thought maybe it was marketing hype. Thanks for
the great product and the convenience it brings! Only one minor gripe.
Please provide an illustration of the product and the hose connections
with the installation instructions. A picture is worth a thousand

David Perea

Thanks for a speedy order.  I ordered my Chilipepper hot water pump from you on 12/10/02 and received it today, 12/16/02.  The order was shipped on 12/13/02 as you promised.  I installed the pump in about 45 minutes and so far I am very happy with the way it works.  I can’t wait to share this improvement with the builder of my new house.


I just installed the Chilipepper under the kitchen sink and am so impressed that I have ordered a second. I installed the first one (including providing a new 110v outlet) in 3 hours. The second one, for the master bathroom, has an accessible 110v outlet, so I estimate that the installation will take 45 minutes. Unfortunately my house’s plumbing diagram looks like a spider web thus I will need the second unit, but as well as it works and as easy as it is to install makes the decision to purchase the added unit very easy indeed! I had been wasting many precious gallons of water but never more!

John Pratt

I had the Chilipepper installed in about 20 minutes – it was just as easy
as you state.  (We had already put in an outlet).  This thing should be
standard equipment in all homes.  I conservatively estimate we will save
about 40 gallons a day – no small matter when you live in a desert!  We
figure Chilipepper will pay for itself in less than a year.  We are
recommending it to everybody!

Daniel O’Day

Hello Dennis,   I just wanted to let you know that I now have my Chilipepper 4500 installed. It is working very well and both my wife and I are very happy with the results.   Thank you for your help in the purchase of this unit.   Regards, Arne Lukassen


I called about three weeks ago because I had developed a leak at a T
fitting and stripped the threads trying to reseat the connection. You
promptly sent me two new fittings and I had my son install the new
fittings. It started leaking when we opened the valves. He immediately saw
the problem and said the existing supply hoses were ridged and slightly
too long and created torque and strain at the connection. He was surprised
it hadn’t leaked before.
He put two new flexible supply hoses in and the problem was solved. No
more leaks.
Thank you for the quick service and the price was right. This Chilipepper
unit is absolutely fabulous. I can’t even guess how many gallons of water
I’ve saved introducing the unit to my water system. I have the unit under
a bathroom sink and the farthest point from the hot water heater. It is
quite a distance between the hot water heater and the sink and it takes 40
to 45 seconds for the hot water to reach this point. I highly recommend
your Chilipepper appliance.

From: Jim Baldauf

Indianapolis, IN

Have owned Chili Pepper for 10+ years.

Our old CP shorted out when our kitchen faucet started leaking and water
dripped down the hoses onto the appliance. We hate not having hot water,
so its time to buy a new CP (plus a new faucet also!)

We like our Chilipepper so much that we moved it with us from Dallas to San Antonio five years ago.  We even bought one for my parents because they thought it was such a neat thing.   Laura Yarbrough

Jan 14, 2009

From:  Walt

In 2004 we purchased a Chilipper to compliment our Takagi TK-1S tankless
water heater.  Even though the water heater produces “endless” on demand
hot water, it doesn’t arrive instantly at the bathroom that’s 75 feet away
from the the water heater.

We researched a variety of units and we determined that the Chilipepper was
the ONLY unit that would work for us.  It’s the only unit on the market
with a 1/3 HP motor and therefore capable of both firing the water heater
and moving it 75 feet within approximately 2 minutes.

Without the Chilipepper we would have to run the water for over 3 minutes
and waste that water in the process.

We installed the product ourselves in less than 30 minutes and we’ve been
very satisfied with the product.  I’ve recommended it to several of my
Thanks for making this product available.

Yorkville, IL