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January 16, 2011

From: J L

The Message:

The Chilipepper is fantastic! I had a recirculating pump (non-demand) and
it would not keep the water hot.

I called the manufacturer, who sent a rep to replace my pump, which still did not produce hot water. I had it
removed during a remodel, and finally decided to try the Chilipepper. It produces hot water at the kitchen sink and dishwasher every time. We love it – only question is why we waited so long to install one.

February 16, 2011Dear Chilipepper Co.,

I had to write you to tell you how much I, and my family love our chilipepper recirculating pump!

Before I installed the chilipepper, we would run the hot water for ten minutes, waiting for hot water. Now, we press the button on the wall (I used a door bell button) and wait 30 to 40 seconds, pump stops, turn on hot water, vola’, instant hot water!

I have had my chilipepper for over a year and it has cut my water consumption almost in half! Living in Los Angeles, we have to conserve water. It’s amazing how much water is wasted down the drain just running the shower. Just recently, my chilipepper started to make a strange noise, being a mechanic/technician, I took it apart to see what happened. The impeller had cracked in two.

After I found the problem, my wife says “why did you take it apart?, why didn’t you send it back for warranty repair?” (she doesn’t think like a man) My heart sank,” Man, I blew my warranty ” So I emailed Bill in the Tech dept., he writes back,” not a problem, send you impeller” My skin is saved!

To tell you the truth, I would have bought a new chilipepper if my warranty had expired. My advice to everyone, don’t risk messing pump up further by taking it apart, let the right people handle it. When impeller gets here, “All will be right in the world”

It’s amazing how much it affects my family by not having the chilipepper. Thank You Bill, and Thank You Chilipepper!

Yours truly, F.R. Wilmington, CA.