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Using X10 Timer

/Using X10 Timer
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How to use X10 modules to turn on your hot water demand system at specific times of the day.

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How To Control Your Chilipepper With an  X10 Timer:

What you need:
Chilipepper Pump, X10 UM506 receiver X10 Mini Timer
Chilipepper Hot Water Demand System Pump for use with storage and tankless water heaters. UM506 universal x10 receiver to control a hot water demand system


Connect the control wires from the Chilipepper to the two screw terminals on a UM506 receiver, and plug the receiver into a 110 volt outlet.

Set the UM506 settings to “momentary” and “relay only”.  Set the house code and unit code to match your timer settings.

Plug the MT10A mini timer into any outlet and follow the instructions enclosed with the mini-timer to set your Chilipepper start time.

MT12A 64-Event LCD Mini Timer

Adding this simple & powerful device to your X10 home automation setup will allow you to easily set up timed events like starting your hot water demand system when its rise and shine time every morning.

With the 64-Event X10 Mini Timer, you’ll be able to schedule when you want the hot water to already be there waiting for you at the sink or shower.

Security mode turns lights on and off at random times within a time frame for a more lived-in look

X10 UM506 Remote Receiver

Whenever you want to use any X10 components to activate your CP6000 hot water demand system, you must employ a UM506 remote receiver. The CP6000 requires a momentary contact between its control wire leads to activate the pump. The contacts must close, and then open again. Opening the contacts after closing them is necessary for starting the pump. If the button, or contacts remain closed for more than about 15 seconds, the pump will begin running in bursts of two 1/4 second long pulses every 15-20 seconds letting you know that something has gone wrong.  The UM506 has several options. It has an audio alert as well as a set of normally open contacts, and can be used as a momentary contactor or can be operated like a normal switch needing to be turned on and off with the “on” and “off” functions on the remote device. To set the UM506 up to work with the Chilipepper, just connect the two wires from the Chilipepper control cable to the two contact screws on the UM5065, set the options to “momentary” and if you want to hear a very loud beep when you activate the Chilipepper, set it for “Alert” AND “relay”.  If you don’t want to hear the beep set it to “relay” only.

Set the house code and the unit code. Next, plug the UM506 into a 110volt outlet and you are almost ready to go.  I say “almost” because you still need something to send a signal to the UM506. It could be a motions sensor, door switch, remote switch, or other X10 device.  For our purposes here we will of course want to use a motion sensor. Other items that may be controlled by the X10 Universal Module include: Thermostats, drapery controls, window openers, security devices, electronic ignition fireplaces, HVAC dampers, speakers, telephones, signaling devices and more.