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Water Heaters Work Better With A Pump!

/Water Heaters Work Better With A Pump!
Water Heaters Work Better With A Pump! 2018-08-14T12:55:47+00:00

The most efficient water heater made won’t save you any water.

How much water do you waste each year, letting water run down the drain while you wait for your water heater to deliver hot water to your fixtures?

If  you are stuck with a wasteful residential plumbing layout with long pipe runs from the water heater to the fixtures, then you are aware of how long it can take to get your hot water.  There is an inexpensive and simple solution to your slow hot water problems, a water heater pump.

By installing a specially controlled pump under your sink, you can convert any water heater into a water saving energy efficient residential plumbing system that turns your plumbing system green while saving you time water and money.

Energy conservation too!

If you have extra long pipe runs you may turn on the hot water in the shower, and then do something else like make the coffee before returning to the shower which will then be hot. If that is something you do then you are wasting substantial amounts of energy as well as wasting the water.  Heating a gallon of water is much more expensive than buying a gallon of water.

Hot water demand systems can be directly substituted for existing full-time recirculating systems, and unlike traditional hot water pumps, can be retro-fit into existing homes without adding plumbing. There is no need for a dedicated return line for the hot water.  The demand systems mount under the sink, and use the cold water line as the return.

When you push the start button the pump springs to life and begins pumping the hot water from your water heater to your fixture at high speed.  When the hot water reaches the pump, it shuts off. Now when you turn on your hot water faucet you get instant hot water.

The Chilipepper water heater pump works with any brand and any kind of water heater.  The only requirements are that the water heater has an inlet that is connected to the same cold water supply as the cold water faucets in the house.  I can’t think of ever running across a plumbing layout that did not qualify!

The hot water pump under the sink is connected between the hot and cold water supply lines.  It pumps water in a big loop, from out of the water heater, through the hot water pipes, into the pump, out into the cold water line, and on back to the water heater.

When you want hot water you press the start button which starts the pump. Your hot water is pumped to your fixture at high speed.  No water gets run down the drain. When the hot water reaches the pump it shuts off automatically. At that point when you turn on your faucet you have instant hot water.

Tankless water heaters need pumps too!

A study done by the Australian government (Australia is in a huge drought) found that typical tankless water heaters require an average of 10 to 20 seconds longer to get hot water to the faucet than standard tank type water heaters.

With tankless units, the water heater has to first heat the water, but with a storage tank type heater the hot water is ready and waiting to go.  Turn your tankless water heater green by adding a Chilipepper tankless water heater pump today!